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Executive Staff


Alejandro Sanchez

He is an accomplished high level engineer with a depth and long expertise on Networking and IT. He has participated in the design, installation and support of complex systems in major enterprises in various countries, supporting applications in environments that range from banking to utilities companies.
He has participated and lectured in major international events
He carries a bachelor degree on Automatic and Telemechanic.



Calixto Sanchez

He is a seasoned professional that has come across different areas. Since early nineties he moved toward the juncture of business and technologies as consultant or representative of several vendors. He developed the skills about assessing customer’s needs and providing solutions on cutting edge technologies, balancing cost in short and long term. He led to the introduction of Internet in Cuba, developed and supported some of its major components. He carries in-depth understanding of processes in IT/networking areas of large enterprises and telecom businesses.
He has a Master of Sciences in Computer Sciences.


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